There’s nothing more heartbreaking for a parent, than for their child to fall in love with a college and then figure out they can’t afford it once he/she has been accepted.

Bill and Stephanie have seen it happen and even worse, they’ve seen families try to make it work because they don’t want to disappoint their child. Neither option leads to a successful outcome.

The Stryve Story

As tuition costs began to rise over the last decade, more and more college graduates were coming to Bill with insurmountable amounts of loan debt, and asking for his advice on how to manage it. He was seeing first hand the impact that the debt had on student’s lives and came to the sad, but true realization that once student’s accumulated the debt, he wasn’t able to offer them any real solutions. He knew there had to be a better way.

At the same time, Bill and Stephanie were looking at staggering statistics…

1 in 3 students don’t return to the same college sophomore year

They concluded that the typical approach of student’s beginning the college process with a list of colleges, wasn’t working. More thought needed to be put into who the student is, what’s important to them, and what the family’s budget is, prior to building their college list.

Combining their skills and expertise, along with the lessons they learned going through the college process with their own two sons, their mission became helping families find a college that they can afford and one where their child will thrive!

As opposed to the traditional approach of starting with a college list, they designed a process that focuses on knowing the student and the family’s budget right from the start. This way, the student is only considering colleges that the family can afford!

We work with your family’s budget right from the start

Bill and Stephanie’s guidance through the college process helped us to find the right fit college for our daughter and our budget. Without Stryve, we would have been lost!
— High School Parent
Working with Stryve was life changing for my son and his future. To say this was the best investment that I could have made for him, is an understatement!
— High School Parent
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