When families work with Stryve, the very first step is for Bill to meet with them to devise a plan for paying for college. Using his expertise in taxes, financial planning, and financial aid, Bill is able to determine a personalized strategy for the family to pay college costs for all 4 years, while minimizing loan debt and staying on track to meet their financial goals. This way a student begins the college process already knowing what their family’s budget is.

At the same time Bill is working with the family, Stephanie begins to work with the student. Stephanie starts with helping students learn more about themselves, so they are able to identify the factors in college that are most important to them and will contribute to their long term success. She then guides students through the college selection process to help them find a college that fits who they are and their family’s budget!

This is the biggest decision that my daughter has made so far. She needed someone other than a parent to talk her through this process. We are so happy that we worked with Stephanie and Bill.
— High School Parent