Given that Bill and Stephanie have had two of their own children attend college, they fully understand how overwhelming the college planning process can be for both students and parents. They truly enjoy getting to know the families that they are working with, so they can personalize the process and guide them through each step. They Stryve to support families in a way that eases their stress and results in a happy outcome for everyone!.


Stephanie Whiting, M.S . ED College Consultant

Stephanie Whiting, M.S.ED
College Consultant

Stephanie is a certified teacher. Throughout her 15+ years of teaching in a variety of settings, she has remained passionate about working with high school students! She loves helping them discover who they are and what path they will pursue after graduation.

In order to keep up to date with college admission trends, Stephanie has been completing graduate coursework in the College Counseling program at the University of California-Irvine over the past 2 years and frequently participates in college admissions webinars and online trainings.

Stephanie’s favorite part of the process is getting to know her students and helping them identify colleges that are a good fit for them. She enjoys visiting several campuses a year, so she can recommend colleges that are based on her first hand knowledge of the school.  


Bill Whiting, CPA

Bill Whiting, CPA

As a self employed accountant and financial advisor, Bill has enjoyed working with business owners and families for the past 20 years. His background and expertise allow him to offer a unique approach to helping families determine how to best pay for college.

Bill works with families to find a college that is affordable, with a focus on making sure that they stay on track with their long term financial goals and that the student takes on only the amount of debt that is reasonable, based on their expected career path.