Stephanie Whiting, M.S . Ed.

Stephanie Whiting, M.S.Ed.



Bill Whiting, CPA

Bill Whiting, CPA


As a career long educator, former teacher, and parent of 2 adult sons and a teen-age daughter, Stephanie recognizes that few decisions that high school students have made in life so far, carry greater importance or cause greater anxiety than where to apply to and attend college. With this in mind, she guides students through a process that has been designed to minimize their stress and keep them organized and engaged.

As a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association(HECA), Stephanie is held to very high standards and always keeps the best interest of the students and families that she is working with at the forefront. She has completed the College Consultant program through the University of California, Irvine and frequently participates in ongoing professional development, in order to keep up with the rapid changes in higher education.

In an effort to gather first hand knowledge about the colleges that she recommends to her students, Stephanie visits several campuses each year and utilizes her membership to HECA to network and connect with other college consultants from all over the country, to gain insight into just about any college!

Stephanie believes that when students develop a greater awareness of themselves and what they need to succeed, they can define a clear path that leads to their desired outcome. When asked what she loves about being a College Planning Consultant, Stephanie’s response is always the same:

“I get to combine my background in education and passion for supporting and guiding high schools students during a very confusing and scary time in their lives. I watch them go from being unsure of themselves and their future to being empowered to take the lead and own the college process, all while learning how to make important decisions. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Bill has been a self employed CPA for over 20 years and assists small business owners and individuals with tax planning and preparation. He is also involved with all aspects of his client’s financial planning, including retirement, college funding, and saving for short and long term goals.

Through his holistic approach to college planning, Bill provides families with a unique perspective and is able to utilize his expertise in taxes, financial planning, and financial aid to develop a personalized plan to pay for college for all 4 years, while minimizing loan debt and staying on track to meet their financial goals.

Although many college students take loans, few of them fully comprehend the amount of debt that they are accumulating or look ahead to determine their monthly repayment amounts. Given that Bill has seen first hand how significant loan debt will impact their future, he works with the student as they are building their college list to ensure that they are keeping their loans to a manageable amount, based on their future goals and expected career path.

Bill is known as a trusted resource to his clients and feels rewarded by knowing that he is able to make a positive impact on a family’s future, by working with them at the beginning of the college process to ensure that they aren’t making costly mistakes that impact their future goals.